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    Ottawa Landlords and the Mandatory Mask By-Law

    Landlords and mandatory masks

    If you are a landlord in Ottawa, you may be wondering how the newly announced mandatory mask by-law impacts you, your tenants and your property. Keep reading below for a quick overview on what this means for you and your responsibilities.

    Enclosed public spaces

    On July 15, city council passed a temporary by-law requiring masks to be worn in all enclosed public spaces. Enclosed public places that were highlighted in the announcement include: malls, stores, restaurants and public transit properties.

    Are masks required in condos and apartment buildings?

    An important distinction in the by-law is that it does not apply to enclosed areas of buildings that are not publicly accessible. This means offices, which are only accessible to employees, are not required to enforce mask wearing. Areas of buildings that are accessible only to those with a key card or pass are also exempt from the by-law.

    This means that if your building lobby or common areas are only accessible to those with a key or access card, you are not required to enforce the mandatory mask by-law in Ottawa.

    Landlord responsibilities

    If your lobby or common areas are accessible to the public, then the by-law would apply, and you are required to enforce it. This means:

    • Posting proper signage about the by-law and the mask requirement at all public entrances to the building
    • Providing hand sanitizer at public entrances
    • Notifying non-mask wearers of the requirement once they enter the premises
    • Accepting the word of the individual if they state they are exempt
    • Contacting by-law for those who refuse to wear a mask and are not exempt

    For landlords who need to adhere to this new by-law, the City of Ottawa has bilingual signage available for landlords to print and use on their premises. For any further questions regarding your responsibilities as a landlord in Ottawa during the COVID-19 pandemic, or for other related questions regarding landlord and tenant issues, contact the landlords and commercial tenants lawyers at Merovitz Potechin LLP to discuss your specific situation.

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    Yaman Marwah

    Posted By: Yaman Marwah of Merovitz Potechin LLP


    Yaman is a business law associate at Merovitz Potechin LLP.

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