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    Mandatory Basic Health and Safety Training Required For Ontario Workers And Supervisors

    On Friday March 14, 2014, Minister of Labour Yasir Naqvi was a guest lecturer in an Employment Law course being instructed by Pinelopi Makrodimitris in Everest College’s paralegal program.

    During his presentation, Minister Naqvi informed the students about his Ministry’s mandate and some of its future objectives.

    When discussing occupational health and safety, Minister Naqvi discussed a new regulation that has been introduced in Ontario that will require basic health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (the “OHSA”). The regulation comes into force July 1, 2014.

    Some key aspects of this regulation:

    • Workplaces that have provided similar training to employees will not need to participate, as long as the previous training met the minimum requirements of the new regulation.
    • The Ministry will provide free and accessible training materials.
    • Once the e-learning training module is complete, an employee will receive a certificate that is valid for the remainder of his or her career.
    • The printed training materials are available in nine languages.
    • The employer must keep a record of the training, and upon request provide a worker or supervisor with proof of their training even up to 6 months after their employment ends.

    To read the new Regulation, please click here

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