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    A homebuyer’s guide to home inspection reports

    Home inspection

    Congratulations! You have just purchased a property and it is conditional on inspection by a home inspector. What happens when you receive your home inspection report and there are one… two… ten… fifty things wrong with the property? What do you do? 

    Real Estate Lawyer, Noah Potechin, explains your options when it comes to a home inspection report including terminating the transaction, negotiating an abatement of the purchase price and requirements of the seller. He highlights common problems when drafting repair clauses, and lists ways to create a proper home inspection clause. Noah will also guide you through what to do if the seller refuses to complete repairs.

    You can read Noah’s full article on our Helpful Resources page here: A Homebuyer’s guide to home inspection reports

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    Noah Potechin

    Posted By: Noah Potechin (Of Counsel) of Merovitz Potechin LLP

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