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    Getting Along With Your Condo Management Team

    Most condo corporations have a set of rules and regulations for living in their properties. These rules should be provided to new owners before they take ownership of a unit. They are in place to ensure the continued enjoyment and safety of the property for all condo owners.

    If you have concerns regarding any of the rules or procedures provided by a condo corporation, contact a condo real estate lawyer. He or she can help you clarify what rights belong to the condo board, and what rights apply to you.

    Rules Are In Place For A Reason

    According to the Condo Authority of Ontario, condo rules are in place in order to keep everyone secure, and for the continued safe use of the premises. The rules may vary from property to property, and can include different items. Generally, they can include guidelines regarding:

    • Restricting the use of common elements
    • Restricting the number, size or type of pets allowed within the property
    • The prevention of renting out the unit for certain durations of time
    • Restricting use of BBQ, etc. on balconies

    When New Or Amended Rules Are Introduced

    There are usually regulations in place that allow for a condo board to add, remove or change rules as they see fit. However, the board of directors of the corporation must notify the owners of the condo units about any changes they want to make before they are made. Once a rule has been changed or amended, owners must be given a minimum of 30 days notice before the rule takes effect.

    What You Can Do To Change The Rules

    If you disagree with a change, addition or removal of a rule, you can take measures to try and prevent the change. One of the tools at your disposal is to call an owner’s meeting and discuss the matter with other owners and how to proceed with the changes made.  If a rule is not reasonable, it can be challenged in the courts.

    Read through the condo corporation’s rules and regulations. If you are unsure of your rights as an owner, consult a lawyer for clarification before you sign any documents.

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