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    Condo Ownership: Storing Items On Balconies And Parking Spaces

    Purchasing a condo can be a very busy time for homeowners. Sometimes certain details can be forgotten as more and more information is absorbed. A topic that may be confusing to some condo owners is the type of personal property you can keep on your balcony or other external facilities.

    According to the Condo Authority of Ontario, many people are surprised to learn what they can and cannot store on the premises. The best way to avoid any such surprises beforehand is to understand what your condo corporation permits in their building. Consult a condo real estate lawyer to review your condo’s declaration or status report. This document will outline the condo rules and by-laws and provide you with a better understanding of how you are permitted to use certain parts of the building.


    Many condo corporations ban the storage of laundry, bikes, furniture and other items you may have thought would be allowed. A condo has the right to create these rules and enforce them. In many cases, these rules are in place for two reasons: to protect the safety and security of other owners, and to avoid interfering with other owners’ enjoyment of the facilities.

    Parking Spaces

    Another common area that some people run into issues with are what can be stored in your parking space. In many cases, only your vehicle can occupy the parking spot. Tools, furniture, boxes or other items may not be permitted. Again, it’s important to clarify what rules your condo corporation has in place, and run any concerns you have by a legal professional before you move into the unit.

    If you have questions about how to use certain spaces, consult a condo real estate lawyer for further clarification. Make sure you are aware of your legal rights before you store anything questionable on your property to avoid any future conflicts.

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