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    Condo Law: Who Handles Condo Repairs?

    The short answer to this question is that some repairs are handled by unit owners, and some by condo management. The distinction between the two should be carefully outlined within the condo corporation’s declaration and by-laws.

    Typically, unit owners are responsible for the general maintenance of their unit. Condo management is usually responsible for the maintenance of shared elements and expenses. However, there are some instances where repairs within a unit are handled by the condo corporation.

    Knowing whether or not you are required to pay for certain repairs and maintenance of your condo unit should not come as a surprise to unit owners. Having a condo real estate lawyer review the status report and by-laws of the building can help you understand what you are responsible for, and what the condo corporation will pay for if there are damages to the unit or building.

    Know Your Rights When Undergoing Unit Repairs

    If the condo corporation is responsible for a faulty infrastructure repair, such as bathroom plumbing or a defective air-conditioning unit, there are a couple of considerations unit owners should keep in mind:

    • The work should be completed in a timely manner.
    • Any damage caused by a common element or shared expense – such as an damage that occurs outside your unit, but has somehow affected your unit – is the responsibility of management.
    • The condo corporation should be using the money from the maintenance fees, or the reserve fund, to pay for repairs and maintenance.

    Each condo corporation is different, and therefore have different rules and regulations to follow when it comes to repairs. The best way to understand how repairs are conducted, and who pays for the costs, is to review your condo corporation’s documents with a legal professional.

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