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    Rising Environmental Compliance Costs – Roxie Graystone interviewed for Ottawa Construction News

    Roxie Graystone

    “Are general contractors, skilled trades and suppliers in Ottawa aware of the legal risks and challenges of currently evolving environmental issues and legislation?” Construction and environmental lawyer Roxie Graystone spoke with Ottawa Construction News this month regarding climate-related regulatory compliance for the region’s construction industry and how businesses should understand legal policy to get ahead of the curve.

    Roxie addresses the potential costs of the coming changes in Ottawa including labour force availability, rising steel prices, as well as carbon pricing, and explains that “we need to recognize how these changes are going to impact the bottom line, whether it’s on the supplier side or the client side”.

    You can read the full article in Ottawa Construction News here.

    If you have any questions regarding climate-related regulatory compliance, carbon pricing, or environmental issues related to construction, please contact Roxie Graystone at 613-563-6695.

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    Roxie Graystone

    Posted By: Roxie Graystone of Merovitz Potechin LLP