Commercial Leasing

Representing Landlords And Tenants With Commercial Leases

Since 1976, Ottawa businesses have trusted Merovitz Potechin LLP to represent their real estate interests both as landlords and as tenants.

Our team of experienced lawyers will guide you through every aspect of your commercial lease. This can include drafting and providing advice with respect to leases, offers to lease, space licenses and other forms of occupancy agreements. We ensure that our clients understand the lease and their rights and obligations arising from it.

Commercial Lease Issues

We advise clients on a range of issues, including:

Our law firm works as a team to help you find a resolution. We care about providing you with the attention and service you need and require to protect your interests. We always strive to handle every situation with reputable service and honest advice so you can make an informed decision.

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Legal issues involving your commercial lease can lead to complicated and costly disputes down the road. Our lawyers will help you understand your rights and what options to pursue in a dispute.

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Our Commercial Leasing Team

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