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Ontario condominium law: Are all the rules legal?

Condominium living can come with a lot of rules. Ontario residents may wonder whether some of those rules are legal under condominium law. For instance, there are rules that stipulate what paint colours can be used in a unit or the colour of window coverings, and what pets can and can't share the space. But do condo boards have the right to impose these rules? 

Interim Occupancy Fees Related to a New Build Condominium Purchase

When a purchaser buys a newly constructed condominium unit, the builder will often allow them to move in prior to being able to transfer legal title to the property.  This occurs in almost all new build condominiums since the legal process required to declare a condominium building requires a survey of the finished product. This is also known as "interim occupancy", when an occupancy permit is available.

New Build Condo Closing Costs: Tarion And Utilities

For our final post in our series on closing costs for new build condos, we will take a look at more complex costs that are payable upon closing. In previous weeks, we looked at the down payment and legal fees, as well as applicable taxes. This week we'll look at Tarion, development charges and utilities.

New Build Condo Closing Costs: Legal Fees And Status Certificates

When you first purchase a new build home, it can be both an exciting and confusing time. For condominiums, it can be even more so, especially when it comes to closing costs. There are several different fees and expenses to settle when closing a condo deal.

Majority Of Home Sales Driven By Older Individuals

There has been a noticeable decline in mortgage activity amongst Canadians. Generally speaking, younger individuals - ages 38 and younger - seem to be struggling to break into the residential real estate market. While overall home sales have been down year after year, the areas that have seen activity are from individuals aged 54 and higher.

What Are My Responsibilities As An Condo Unit Owner?

Owning a condo unit is different than owning a detached house. Certain privileges that house-owners enjoy can differ in a condo because of the shared living areas and shared expenses. Instead of having a private backyard, you may share a common outdoor terrace. Instead of talking loudly with a friend on the porch of your house, you may have to keep noise to a minimum in certain shared areas in a condo.

Condo Ownership: Storing Items On Balconies And Parking Spaces

Purchasing a condo can be a very busy time for homeowners. Sometimes certain details can be forgotten as more and more information is absorbed. A topic that may be confusing to some condo owners is the type of personal property you can keep on your balcony or other external facilities.

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