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Time is on Your Side – Effective Time Management

By Yasmin Vinograd

On May 14,2014, I co-chaired a mentoring cocktail held by the CCLA and the Advocates’ Society.

Some of Ottawa’s top litigators and emerging young advocates participated in this exciting event, which was titled “time is on your side”. Some of the topics discussed included the common sources of stress for young lawyers and how to balance the clients’ demands, the employers’ expectations and the desire to have a personal life.

While there are no magic solutions to the ultimate question of balancing work and your personal life, there are tools that can assist in reducing and managing stress. These include setting realistic goals, learning how to better manage your time, and making sure that you take some time off every once in a while. There is a wealth of programs offered by the various law societies and associations which can introduce you to these tools and teach you how to best utilize them.