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February 2018 Archives

Businesses, consumers and others respond to business law changes

Many employees have questions and concerns regarding the new minimum wage and employee protections. Businesses may also wonder how the government plans to enforce these regulations. In Ottawa, a labour council is taking steps to give employees options if their employer is not abiding by the new regulations.

Foreign real estate transactions down from August to November

Many people have speculated on what effect the nonresident tax would have on key real estate markets. The Ontario government has presented figures from the period between Aug. 19 and Nov. 17, a period following the imposition of the 15 percent foreign buyers tax. These numbers show that the number of people and corporations who are not based in Canada purchasing real estate in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region has decreased substantially.

Ontario Real Estate Association opens transparency discussion

Real estate professionals often seek to weigh in on legislation that will affect their profession and operations. In Ontario, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is the group which represents real estate agents in the province. OREA is considering a campaign to urge the government to allow a transparent bidding process for home sales in order to improve the industry's ethics and reputation.

Real estate in Ottawa more affordable for young buyers

Across Canada, economic realities and housing costs create very different environments for prospective home owners. While those in Toronto or Vancouver face a high-priced market, buyers in Ottawa, Ontario have been taking advantage of some of the area's more affordable real estate market. The city's high median incomes and relatively low average home costs mean that younger people are entering the housing market more quickly in Ottawa than in other parts of the province or country.

Ontario considers condominium law changes to promote electric car

As times change, rules governing housing are often altered to address new needs and technologies. In Ontario, the changes to the Condo Act are being considered in hopes of encouraging more people to adopt electric vehicles. The province has released five proposed changes to the current condominium law, and it is considering implementing at least one of the changes.

Business law changes in Ontario for 2018

All Canadian citizens need to keep a close eye on law changes throughout the country. For business owners, it is particularly critical to keep abreast of any changes to Ontario business law. The new year has brought several legislative changes that will affect employers and workers across the province and country.

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