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December 2017 Archives

"Summary Judgment and Evidence of 'Material Change' - Hepburn v AlarmForce"

In a recent case, Hepburn v AlarmForce, 2017 ONSC 6012 ("Hepburn"), the Ontario Superior Court of Justice considered the circumstances in which a "material change" may trigger the disclosure obligation in a renewal of, or extension to, an existing franchise agreement. The decision also addressed the evidentiary considerations engaged in the context of a motion for summary judgment.

Vaughan lawmakers change real estate terms for new development

Clear definitions of property types are important for any new development. For example, detached houses and commercial properties have different regulations by which they must abide. In Vaughan, Ontario, city regulators are making a change to which properties fall under condominium law. While the term "condominium" traditionally refers to a unit in shared building, the GTA is introducing the concept of a detached home condo in order to encourage real estate development.The concept of a detached home condo was approved by staff and city councillors as a means of approving a new housing project in the historic village of Kleinburg. Residents are concerned that the redefining of "condo" will set a precedent that will allow more developers to build projects that impact the historic area. The controversial move has been actively opposed by dozens of residents.

Business law increasing minimum wage will start January 1

Businesses always need to stay aware of changing legislation which may affect their operations. Ontario owners have a big update coming on January 1, 2018, when minimum wage increases to $14 per hour. The new business law will be accompanied by further labour reforms, including a corporate tax cut for small businesses and an increase in emergency leave entitlements.Like many business law changes, the sweeping reforms are controversial in Ontario. Labour advocates and workers polled by the government approve increasing minimum wage, while businesses group analyses suggest that it may lead to a decrease in jobs. Part of the concern comes from the short time frame the government has provided for a relatively large increase. The minimum wage is currently $11.60 in the province.

Are online auctions the future of Ontario real estate sales?

The Internet has changed the way that many Canadians buy and sell real estate. But would an eBay style auction for homes ever be adopted by Ontario residents? One Vaughan real estate brokerage is hoping their online auction platform will increase transparency and fetch the highest price for properties.The platform gives clients the option to list real estate on the brokerage's website with a countdown. Once the auction goes live, potential buyers can view the house and details of a home inspection before placing a bid. Sellers will be able to set "reserve" prices to ensure they receive a minimum amount for the property.

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