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May 2017 Archives

A business law professional can help incorporate a business

It takes a special kind of person to start a new business venture or to transform an existing business. In Ontario, there are several different forms that a business can take, each with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. For example, instead of a sole proprietorship or partnership, the owner may choose to turn a business into a corporation, a type of company governed by a separate branch of business law.

Business disputes taking a bite out of in-home ice cream parlour

Starting a home-based business in Ontario takes courage and determination. Many do so for both personal satisfaction and profit. What these neighbourhood entrepreneurs are often hoping to avoid is becoming entangled in business disputes. Unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened to a family that opened a new endeavour in their garage a few years ago.

Estate litigation after exclusion the of an heir

Following a death, it sometimes occurs that a person who anticipated an inheritance receives nothing, whether by design, oversight or an unforeseen technicality. Whatever the reason, it may be necessary to begin a court battle to right the perceived wrong.

New rules for rental real estate owners in Ontario

The struggles between landlords and tenants are probably as old as civilization itself. Since the inception of real estate, there have been property owners property renters. Disputes occur with regularity here in Ottawa and across the province. The provincial government recently introduced new legislation intended to reduce the number of complaints that end up in the courts, although it may take time for everyone affected to get up to speed.

A Gift is a Gift is a Gift

Many homebuyers struggle financially to qualify to purchase a home. Often I see this with younger clients. Many young people need a little bit of help to get that first home. If they are lucky, they will have generous parents who are prepared to help them financially by providing all or part of the down payment (that portion of a purchase that is not funded by the Lender).

Flooding from neighbouring properties

Neighbouring properties are often the cause of residential and rural flooding. Flooding can arise through insufficient culverts, improper diversions of water, or interference with drainage or absorption of water from/by their land. Often there is a distinction between surface waters and waters flow in a defined channel, though in practice, liability is often attributed in a similar fashion.

Liability for seasonal and exceptional flooding

The 100-year storm. The 50-year flood. We've been hearing these terms a lot over the last few years. Common understanding is that they are events that happen once every 100 years. Or once every 50 years. In reality, they are events that have a 1% (or 2%) chance of happening every year. Lately, we've been beating the odds on major rainfall events in Ontario. These events increase the impacts of seasonal flooding and make exceptional or extraordinary flooding more likely and often more damaging. 

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